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Whitie's Soon-To-Be Accutane Log

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Hey this is me whitie. Just a little information about myself and what not.

I started getting acne at the start of Sophomore year but it was never big, and while I got medication for it it never bothered me. My acne continued to worsen and get better but it was never bad and I still felt good and confident. Towards the end of Sophomore year I had some red marks but I was tanning a lot so it covered up the rest of them. Over the summer I read that tanning was bad so I stopped all together. Now I'm pale and have horrible red marks all over (mid-way through my Junior year). I'm gunna post some pictures but they aren't verry accurate I'm told. My red marks aren't this red but rather more pink, but I think they're also bigger because people seem to notice them and will occassionaly blaze on me because of them. I have been going out with my very beautiful girlfriend for 6 months and she's stuck with me through this shit but I feel like she's guna leaveme or cheat on me because of them :cry: . I'm trying accutane because I've seen the results it has given so many people. I know it's not for red marks but I've seen it help some peoples red marks and I know it can help my acne. Overall, my acne isn't horrible, probably moderate, but it wouldn't be bad having these fuckers gone.

I just got my blood work done on Wednesday December 21, and it's now Friday 23rd, and my doctor said that I could possibly start Accutane on this coming Tuesday, December 27th. This is my 2nd day in a row skipping because I hate going to school looking like this, I'm so depressed because of this shit. I don't wanna kill myself but if someone killed me in my sleep, I wouldn't be too upset :doubt: . Oh well, pictures as promised, and oh yeah, I'll try to update with new pictures every week once I start taking Accutane, but with my luck, my blood tests will fuck me over somehow...

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