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Mr Tom

Tom's accutane adventure

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FINISHED! :wavey:

Forgive the silence over the last few weeks boys & girls. Reached a plateau in my roaccutane adventure about a month ago, where no new spots were appearing but red marks and peeling skin remained. Happy to report that it's stayed that way up until today; the end of my 4 month 60mg course :D Thought I'd feel over the moon today and be dancing on bar tables etc. etc., but there's part of me that doesn't want to stop taking tane because of the possible relapse. Silly, I know, but having come this far to get clear skin, I REALLY don't want to slide back. How did the four months on roaccutane mess me around? Well:

- I had some whopper monsters for the first month or so of the course :evil:

- I peeled lots around my mouth and nose :redface:

- I felt pretty lethargic and stiff at times :wacko:

- Had to be careful with sunshine, big time :ninja:

Yet after month 3, these side effects (apart from the peeling) have reduced and the happiness of having clear skin has kicked in. Would I do it all again? Totally! Would I recommend it? Totally! Would I fight a tiger with a spoon? No.

If you're thinking about taking roaccutane and want to ask me any questions, then I'll happily respond. Will get a note telling me I've got mail, so type away! Especially if you're in the UK and want to know about BUPA/NHS.

Here's the 'thankyou' bit that's long overdue.... to everyone that's posted in this blog and given me such support, especially in the early days when the road was really rough, to everyone that's read the blog, and to those nice ladies in my local pub who kept the beer flowing. Where there is love there is life. Big love, Mr Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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