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Derm UK waiting lists

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I waited 4.5 months and the derm I did see was absolutely useless...

Im on antibiotics so my acne is under control at the moment - his response - you dont have acne - there is nothing I can do for you... then he proceeds to change my antibiotics suggesting that I stop them 4 weeks before seeing him again, when I tell him my acne will come back as it has done everytime for the past 10 years he tells me I'm wrong...

anyway I'm seeing someone else now who has changed my treatment again and agreed that if I stop the antibiotics it will come back

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to be honest with you.. the nhs derms here in the UK are absoloutly SHIT

they know nothing i suggest you go and see a private derm if you can afford it, with these nhs freaks you'll be in line for many months and they wont do shit 4 u, all they'll say is "your skin is lookin good, go and come back and see me in 3 months.. 5 months... 6 months"

they are useless, useless i tell u


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we dont have waiting lists here in US. but does not matter since i saw my university derm for free and i swear to god i knew more about acne than she did.

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I'm in the US and it usually takes about 1 month to see my derm. Even though hes absolutely worthless all I enjoy is the anti-biotics. Honestly though, how can these people practice medicine if they know nothing about the disease. I'm no doctor but I've got a pretty good grasp on acne and think I would make a better derm then some of these blokes who jus go handing out retin-a and anti-biotics like candy on halloween! My derm told me to wash three times a day which led to the worst dry/oily skin ive ever had, BLAH

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