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DR Choudhry in NJ Vbeam/Smoothbeam

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I just spoke with her on the phone and it was very nice of her to come to the phone to answer my questions. WOW! It's a rare DR that comes to the phone to speak with patients. She seems very nice too…

I had asked her how long I'd have to wait for V beam and Smooth beam treatment after my local TCA peel. She was interested in hearing about the local TCA peel and finding out how it turns out. Anyway, she said I only have to wait a few weeks after the TCA heals to have V beam because it actually helps healing. :)/

This is great news because I didn’t want to have to wait six months between every treatment I have for my face. :D/

Thanks for the recommendation Mary! :D

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What part of NJ is she located?? I'm just wondering as I'm in the Philly area.

But if you can, please keep us informed if you go see this doc. If I'm not completely satisfied with the TCA peel I just did than smoothbeam might be something I'll seriously consider.

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She's actually an internist who went into dermatology. she said that she had problem skin and acne and that's what got her into it.

I will continue to advise and comment about her for all those contemplating seeing her. I have had only two treatments - going for my third tomorrow. so I feel like even though I like her so far I cannot give a really complete assessment yet. What I do like - she does everything herself . She does the sb treatments herself, the vb treamtments, the after care, any peels and microderms she also does herself. She said eventually as her client base keeps growing she will have to get assistants (she eventually wants to turn her practice into a full-fledged medical spa). But I have been to derms that you never actually get to see the doc it's always aesticians and I really don't like that. I am glad I got to see her before she gets assistants. She talks to you ALOT - the entire time my after laser mask thing is on she talks to me.

Now whether or not smoothbeam is really the miracle that I have been waiting for.... well, I don't know yet. I have seen improvement and my face looks ALOT better, many very small shallow scars have filled in, red marks are just about gone. BUT there are still some major things I want to come out of this that have not happened yet. I have three more treatments to go so... we'll see.

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