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back acne scars!

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hey everybody! i've had bad acne on my back for like a year. but most of it is gone, just scars now. yea, wasn't taking too good care of it. i'm new here. anyways, what the heck to i do about my scars, i'm not really sure if they are scars. it's just like different areas on my back are darker, and bumpy and irritated. hmm...it's really pissing me off. i've checked all of these scar treatment things, and surgical operations are totally out of the question right now. i've heard of the tape method. what, to a get a big roll of packaging tape, and go tape-happy on my back? i'm really stumped on what to do right now. and it's not looking so good. thanks in advance!

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hi there.

i have alot of experience with scars like these and i could possibly help you.

is there any way you can better describe your scars? all type f scarring is treated differently, and on an area like the back, you could possibly have even a few forms of scarring.

do you have any raised hard scarring? shallow indented scars?? just red marks (probably not scars), or raised soft skin colored wrinkly looking scars? etc........

dont bother putting tape all over your back. do you still break out or not? that effects what sort of treatment you should use.

you could private message me if youd like, or just reply here. hopefully maybe i could help you! :)/ :D/ :D/

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hey! i really appreciate your help! anyways, i would have to say quote: "raised soft skin colored wrinkly looking scars" like you said, and just dark brown spots that are flat, not really raised. but i do have a few scars that are reddish and bumpy. hmm...oh, and i hardly break-out anymore on my back, if that helps. thanks for your help!

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