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red mark treating methods

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im 16 yrs old currently on accutane.. my acne is practically gone.. maybe 2 tiny pimples.. but i have red marks..and ive seen soo many methods to treat red marks. i have red sensitive skin.. these are the methods that ive heard of and i was wondering maybe someone here would know whats best and most effective for me..

1-aloe vera plant (use it sumtimes, not seeing great results)

2-apple cider vinegar(afraid to try because it may be to sensitive and RED)

3-lemon juice(maybe to harsh on my red skin.. but ive heard is a safe skin bleach.. maybe that will help my redness?)


5-neutrogena multivitamin lotion (bought it.. skin to sensitive and red because of accutane)

6-neutrogena healthy skin lotion (have a sample but never really tryed it)

if any1 knows the most effective way to get rid of these redmarks please help me.. it would be greatly appriciated..

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Hm...yeah, its really cool to know there are other people like me who suffer from red marks. I have no acne, just the darned marks which makes it look like acne. Its almost completely gone now though, thanks to Dan and the tape method. Try this- wash your face, then take some clear packaging tape, stick it on your face and make sure there aren't any " air bubbles" so that your face is sticking to every bit of the tape. Then, pull it off slowly. Check out all the guck that's on the tape( that was previously residing on your FACE)--its amazing. I read about this method awhile ago and its working and it doesn't aggravate my face like rough chemicals do. I don't have really really sensitive skin like you, but it is sensitive nonetheless. Try this out. Only do it a couple times a week at first to see if it causes any aggravation. Good luck, mate! you're 16? my b-day is tomorrow and I'm gonna be 16. beautiful, clear skin is the greatest present a teenager can get, dude! :)/

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well, try it after you get off accutane. Dan's method is the only thing that worked for me after antibiotics. The tape method rox! Good luck. Let me know how you're doing and if anything is working for you.

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But WHY does the tape method work?I mean,isn't there glue or something on the tape and u're gonna stick it to your face?

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