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red mark treating methods

im 16 yrs old currently on accutane.. my acne is practically gone.. maybe 2 tiny pimples.. but i have red marks..and ive seen soo many methods to treat red marks. i have red sensitive skin.. these are the methods that ive heard of and i was wondering maybe someone here would know whats best and most effective for me..

1-aloe vera plant (use it sumtimes, not seeing great results)

2-apple cider vinegar(afraid to try because it may be to sensitive and RED)

3-lemon juice(maybe to harsh on my red skin.. but ive heard is a safe skin bleach.. maybe that will help my redness?)


5-neutrogena mutivitamin lotion (bought it.. skin to sensitive and red because of accutane)

6-neutrogena healthy skin lotion (have a sample but never really tryed it)

if any1 knows the most effective way to get rid of these redmarks please help me.. it would be greatly appriciated..

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The Multivitamin lotion contains sycrilic acid. I wouldn't use it if you are still on accutane. For me I started taking vitamins and the redmarks really started to clear up. I take Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and I used to take Zinc however it upset my stomach. The other thing I used before the accutane was 15% glycolic acid gel mixed with Copper Peptides. That also really helped fade out my red marks. I wouldn't try that until your off accutane a month or two.

I think different things work for different people. I had tried Vita-K for blotchy skin, used it for 2 or 3 months with no real improvement.

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ive only just begun accutane, but ive been taking vitamin e,c and zinc tablets for improving red marks and encouraging skin renewal. i heard this helps red marks the most and speeds up healing etc.

vitamin e in a skin cream is also good at night- i havent used it but i read somewhere it can work to fade scars or something.. same as aloe vera.. but its not gonna produce results over night, mabyes use it every night.. im not sure!! 8-[ anyway good luck love kimmi

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