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Blue Light Acne Treatment

Has anyone heard of "Blue Light"? The derm I went to recommended this over Smoothbeam for mild to moderate acne, and said I was right on the borderline for moderate acne. He was hesitant to recommend Smoothbeam as he says it can cause hyperpigmentation, so he recommended "Blue Light" instead. I am assuming it is more of a photo therapy over a laser type treatment, but would welcome any input.


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hey there Jilly,

I have recently visited a Dermatologist regarding my scaring (which is somewhat moderate and a little more) and he uses a laser called Aura lazer in comination with Lyra laser. It utilizes some form of light like you speak of. I am looking to have my scars removed as well as some blotchy red areas on my face. This laser is similar to the cooltouch laser but is very much more sensitive to everyone and anyones complexion and skin color. I am scheduled to have my first laser treatment on the 29th of this month. The cost is $600.00 for the first sesion (60 min. long) and 450.00 for the second session (45 Min) and 300 for the last session (30 Min. )

I dont know how well this laser will do for myself and am somewhat hesitant but the dermatologist has assured me that he has used this laser on acne scars with good results. I do have a web site that you could visit regarding this laser but I dont have it on me right now but I could give it to you if you wish to visit it. Just let me know. I have been researching this for quite some time and hope I am making the right decision. If you cant get back to me about this just go to "google advanced search" and type in "lyra and aura laser" and hit return. This should bring you to their web site. if not let me know and ill supply you with the correct site address. Good luck to us both. 8-[

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