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Hi everyone,

I'm 26 years old and my acne just won't stop from coming back. It will stop for 6 months then come again in six months. I saw a lot of dermatologist but all they give me is antibiotic which I don't want to take anymore. I am so desperate as my skin is getting worst.

I saw this lemon and vinegar stuff and I will try this tonight.

If any of you guys have any suggestion of what I should do please let me know.

Please help.

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Thanks for such a quick response Allie.

No, I haven't tried Accutane. I heard you cannot take that when you are pregnant and if you are planning to get pregnant you have to be out of accutane for certain months. I am planning to be pregnant within the next two years.

What else do you think will help me.

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Hi Guys - -

I just want to let you guys know that my face is improving. It was getting worst at first but it has improved since then. It is improving very slow though. Hopefully it will improve sooner than later.

Have you guys heard about the "ACNE CURE BOOK"?

Would any one recommend it?

Where can I get it?

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just stick to the regime

i put the neutrogena BP in the fridge before i put it on my face. the acne cure says it'll work better.

kjeep us posted

i'm doing the regime and its working really well, but i just have so much little scars

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Thank you so much for the chilled BP info, I'll try that and update you.

My scars is concentrated on the cheeks, it's red dots and some are deep.

Do you know what's the best thing to do about the deep scars?

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Personally, Dans regimen didn't work on me. My acne mostly cleared up, but my face was so discolored and looked irratated. It didn't look natural and healthy. Maybe it is just me, but that much BP didn't do me any good.

Despite what many people here say (mostly one's who don't really know the exact regimen for the Acne Cure), the acne cure and dans regimen are very different. That part about putting the BP in the fridge is a specification for the Acne Cure, not Dans Regimen.

If you want to try the Acne Cure regimen before buying the book, tell me and I'll e-mail it to you!

On that note, Dan's regimen did really work well for a lot of people, just not me. It could very well work for you!

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the neutrogena BP says that store below 25 degrees

so it doesn't really matter

i just like chilling it cuz it feels nice when i put it on.

anyways, the first week i did the regime was horrible, like LisaAnnB said, it made me look red and discolored. so i quit. i didn't do it anymore,

then after a couple of months the acne kept on coming back.

so i thought, if i don't try the regime acne comes back, if i do try the regime my skin looks bad, so whats the diff? so i did it.

this time, the first week was just horrible again, i don't know, it always starts like that.

but i stuck to it, and the second week, my skin looked felt alot smoother and my acne from previous week were gone. and when i do get breakouts, they seem to be really tiny spots that i can just scrap off with my finger nails. (dont' try this at home!)

now i'm just waiting for my scars to die down and i'm fixed

so my advice to you is just try the regime, and despite what happens in the first week, just stick to it. don't be like me and quit, and have to endure more acne. if i had just stuck to it the first time, i would have been cleared by now

God bless

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Thank you for sharing your experience with me SCAR that's really nice of you.

I'll keep you posted.

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Scar- do you use the ice cubes or just chill the bp? I can't use glycolic acid but was wondering about chilling the bp since what the acne cure says seems to make sense. Do you still use bp twice a day? :-k

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