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I say, just do it...

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For all of you out there who are experiencing the trauma of having to live with acne scars and who are forced to look at other people who have beautiful skin... wondering what you too would look like without little indents all over your face...I say, go for it, spend the money and get the scar treatments. I am going to. I'm not going to spend $10,000 or anything, but I am going to research, find the best treatments available and talk to a plastic surgeon... because I believe that a plastic surgeon will do a better job than a derm. After all, they specialize in getting rid of scars and making what is not so pretty, pretty again (like my skin). I talked to one already... by accident.. I called a dermatology office and their Dr. who does laser scar treatments was out on long-term leave and the receptionist recomended the plastic surgeon unstairs! He offers 5 arora or palaria laser treatments over 5 months, 4 microdernmabrations, and a line of skin care products for $2400. Sounds like a lot of money, but given all that is in the package, it sounds like a darn good deal to me. I will let you all know what I come up with.

My scars are shallow, with the exception of a few) and mostly on the left side of my face. I took accutane to stop the acne, but I hate the way they look. I think I am beautiful (or at least I tell myself I am)... and I'm sure you all are too... (unless you're a man, then I am sure you are extreemly attractive in a manly way)... So, I'm gettin the treatments done. And if you despise your scars, you should too. Just stop spending money on other stuff! :dance:

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