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request info on Lyra & Aura lazer

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Does anybody have any info on the Lyra and Aura lazer and its treatments? I just went to my dermatologist for info on having some acne scars treated and he only has the Aura and Lyra laser available. He said that this would work well with rejuvinating my skin tone as well as some moderate improvment with my scars as well. He also said that this proceedure was similar to the Cooltouch Laser. Both have a cooling unit that rejuvinates the derma under the scar. I contacted the makers of the Aura and Lyra laser regarding the treatment to acne scars and was told that it was not approved by the FDR/FDA yet because it was still in the test faze but they expect it to be approved sometime soon. The cost is 600.00 for the first treatment and then 450.00 for the second and then 300.00 for the final treatment. I am concerned about having good results because this is a newer laser and the cost is out of my pocket and Im not even sure it will have significant results to acne scars. You can visit their website if you are interested and see for yourself and possibly give feedback. Anybody know anything??? http://www.laserscope.com/index.html :-k

P.S. I am aware of the cooltouch, NLite, Smoothbeam and even surgical proceedures like, Subsision, needling, Punch grafting etc. and Im not sure what is the best route. I only have a few deep scars and the rest are disk like. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 8-[

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hey there

i've been having lyra treatments at an excellent dermatologist/laser surgeon at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago. I had my second laser treatment done last week, and can say that i have seen an improvement in my icepick scars. However, I'm hesitant to say how much improvement i've noticed because i'm not finished with all of my treatments yet. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up until i am sure i see a drastic improvement that's worthy of spending the money on.

Either way, if i see improvement or if i don't after all of my sessions are finished, i'll post it here.

I did loads of research about all of the non-ablative lasers before i went in for my first treatment and i bombarded the dr. with questions about the different types of nonablative lasers used for acne scarring. If any of you are unaware, Northwestern University is tops in the country (US) so i firmly believe that the doctors here are extremely up-to-date and knowledgable regarding laser procedures and what is the most beneficial.

Here's what i can tell you:

The first question i asked was why she chose to use lyra instead of cooltouch or smoothbeam. Her reply was that their office was considering buying either a lyra or cooltouch, and based on numerous trials of using both, the lyra was proven to be much more effective than the cooltouch, so that is what the office decided to go ahead and purchase. She told me that smoothbeam is really not effective for scar treatment, but rather is effective for active acne, which i don't really have.

Secondly, I asked her why she wasn't using a combination of the lyra and aura. I told her that came across a few websites saying that the lyra and aura combined is more beneficial than the lyra alone and she said that this isn't true for icepick scarring.

Thirdly, I asked how much improvement i can expect and she said 20-40%.

sooo...we'll see.

Also, i should mention that anybody who does a google search for lyra laser treatment will find that 95% of the time it only mentions the lyra for the treatment of hair removal and fails to mention that it can be effective for acne scarring.

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