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anyone using bp AND vinegar?

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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else is doing this? I stopped the bp and tried just the vinegar/lemon thing and after about 2 weeks i was breaking out again so then i went back on the bp but kept going with the vinegar. I have not seen any improvements in my scars after using the vinegar but its only been about 3 weeks. Do you think its worth doing both or should I ditch the vinegar?

This is my first post here, but i've been checking it out for the last 6 months or so and have done the regimen since then....i did find though that when i started getting lazy and using less bp my skin got more breakouts. The regimen has definately helped but i still have quite a few white/black heads...and quite abit of scarring, but i guess i'll have to deal with that when im completely clear.

I am 21, and have had acne since about 13, it was at its worst at around 16/17 and a course of accutane helped but didnt cure. Then my skin was ok for a few years then i went on the pill diane which made it HEAPS worse (which apparently can happen to 10% of people) and alot of my scarring came then. I went off it and started the regimen, so its now ok again, BUT acne still rules a big part of my life, especially the scarring, although its not even THAT bad, but to me it is. I hate that there's nothing i can really do about it and that i might be stuck with it forever.

Anyway, i've rambled on for long enough and totally gone away from my original question!! 8-[

Im in Sydney, Australia if anyone is wondering. Great site Dan!!

Love, julie.

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Hey Julie,

I just started using the vinegar 2 days ago with my BP, so it's still too early to know if it's going to work. I reckon you should carry on with the vinegar though because 3 weeks isn't a long time, really. Some people on the Vinegar thread said it took a few months to see real results. As long as the vinegar isn't doing any harm, I don't see why you should stop it.

I'm also drinking about 2L of water a day with lemon juice, and just started taking Zinc supplements. I reckon it's worth trying everything you can to be rid of acne and scars !

You never know.. something might work ?! ; )

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I been using the vinegar with my bp and I think it has helped a lot. I was still breaking out a lil while on dans regimen. Now my skin is smooth and I haven't broken out for a month. I use distilled apple cidar vinegar (burns like $%*! :) though). You can dillute it in water if you want if vinegar is too strong for ur skin. I also noticed I don't need anywhere near as much bp now.

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Hi guys, thanks for your replies! Yes, i think i will keep going with the vinegar, i just found that after going off the bp for a couple of weeks my skin REALLY stung when putting on the vinegar when i started the bp again, but now i've diluted it even more than before...selpmipofderit, you put undiluted vinegar on your face? Man, your own brave person!! =D>

Ani, I will definitely check out the tape method, i've read about it in here but dont really know what it is! Is it working for you??

Like Gemm said, anything might work!! And i'd do anything to get rid of acne and scars!

Thanks again.


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