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Accutane and Red Marks poll

Accutane and Red Marks Poll  

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  1. 1. How Were Your Red Marks Affected By Accutane?

    • Made Them Slightly Worse
    • Made Them A Lot Worse
    • Didn't Affect Them
    • Made Them Slightly Better
    • Made Them A Lot Better

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My derm wants to give me Accutane and he's trying to convince me it will help with my red marks...I saw LV Boy's pictures and nearly skeeted my pants thrice thinking about if I had results like his (skin peeled so much that his red marks are no more), but I also hear about how Accutane didn't help peoples red marks and such. I don't know what to do the red marks are killing me and I really want Accutane to clear me for good...I like the idea of acne free skin but I'd prefer red mark free skin much more...

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Well, for my case:

When the acne cyst still active, the redmark of that cyst look lot of worse than when i'm not in Tane. But soon, after the cyst dried, the skin peeled and the red mark fader fastly than when I'm not in tane. I notice about four times faster. :)

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I'm not going to vote because I'm not really sure. Before I got on Accutane the redmarks just sort of faded into the sea of pimples. As my face cleared I started to notice the red marks alot more because there was no more active acne.

To me, it seemed like my red marks got worse. But I think it is probably just the fact that I was noticing them more since I didn't have any acne.

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