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Acne scarring on temples-please view topic

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what will work for acne scarring on my temples. Scars are 4 years old, mix of boxcar, ice-pick, rolling. Am so desperate right now for a cure, am seriously on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Scars aren't deep at all, was on vin&lem method, thought it was helping until i saw my face today in a bad light, has helped a little though.

Please,please,please can somebody help me, am sick with depression from the scars. I cant live like this anymore

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Scars aren't deep at all

In this case some lactic or glycolic peels might do the trick.... You may wish to look into n-lite etc. There are so many treatments man, look around this board and see what's right for you

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Thanks for the advice all,

Jamie10- Might try a light glycolic peel or a lactic one. Haven't tried needling yet elle, my scars are so shallow, its just the marks left on the surface really. I know i am lucky in the sense that they r not deep but it still looks awful

Does anyone know how many of these peels i have to do before i get good results.

Has anyone tried a peel with success. Sorry, am not too familiar with peels 8-[

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peels are pretty futile in my imo because of my experience

i hadnt seen any significan changes in scars

id suggest smooth beam if your scars are soft scars.

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IMO you should try peels first, they are less risky and less expensive than many other scar treatments. Besides, as your scars are only superficial anything more would be a waste of time and you may even end up in a worse situation than you are now. Peel first, if you dont get what you want you can always try something more drastic afterward.

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