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I was on the regimen a while back but cleared and had a break. Now a year or so on I am getting the spots back but to be honest I dont remember a lot about the last time I was on it so have some queries.

Firstly I am 19 from the UK and its mild acne with some red marks left behind mainly on my forehead. I am using dove soap and Brevoxyl 4% which is the same I used before.

Now do I need moisturiser if Im not drying out? I am using a fair amount of BP but dont feel the need for it- that wont affect the results will it? Moisturiser seems to add to my already VERY oily skin and make it shine badly.

Also does anyone have problems with the BP dying hair/eyebrows. Last time my eyebrows went gingery in places as I didnt realise it could do that so I have to try carefully to get it nowhere near them now!

Lastly whats this about not rubbing the BP in? Am I meant to just leave it on there or what? Thanks.......

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Mmm I don't use moisturiser cause like you my skin is oily and don't feel the need to - don't think it effects results seeing as I'm getting results :D

Not had any probs with dying my 'brows, noticed a little bit of lightening on my fringe which is annoying since my hair is dyed black :) it kinda looks weird.

Of late I've tried not rubbing in the BP, just smoothing it on nd letting it absorb itself, not noticed any difference here tho, just stops my arms going dead after 35 hrs rubbing in :D

Good luck.

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