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Volunteers wanted in Manchester, for anti-scarring research!

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Check out this site! =D> This company (Renovo) is doing clinical trials on scar prevention and wound treatment. The next logical step (IMO) would be scar treatment. They talk about various different types of scars and are looking for volunteers. They are located in Manchester, England. They say you do not have to have scars currently to participate, but I wonder if they would treat scars. Are any of you wonderful UK brothers and sisters interested? Please see the link below:



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Jamie - you are in Cheshire - that's near Manchester right??????

CrappySkin - you are in Manchester as I remember?

OK - I'll PM you both just in case you don't see this.

Thanks Anna - for being ever helpful and thinking of others =D>

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nah, I'm in reading, but I could drive it easy enough depending on how many visits I would have to make and how long I would have to stay there.

sounds interesting, not too sure how it could help us, more information would be usful.


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Well I kept on reading.....I did a search on Renovo and scar. I do not know what this specific study of Renovo's would entail. However some of the research chatter seemed to indicate that the application of antibodies to the (bad) TGF-B1 and TGF-B2 factors would allow for fetal like scar free healing of wounds. The researcher I was reading postulated that a pre-existing scar would need to be re-wounded/or removed and then antibodies would be applied. Maybe somebody local could call or e-mail them and show interest in participating. If it doesn't sound like it would be helpful, you could always back out.

There is also a Dr. Paul Martin who was researching at the University College of London who wrote an amazing paper called Wound Healing - Aiming for Perfect Skin Regeneration that seems to be the basis for much of the work being done. The article can be viewed at Sciencemag.org. I tried contacting him but after the e-mail delivery failed I contact the head on the Anatomy Department at the University. he replied this morning to let me know Dr. Martin will be at Bristol University. Bristol's website indicates he will be starting there in September. Dr. Martin has written in number of papers. In one he closes by saying the future for wound repair is very bright!

That's all I have for now.

Thanks Maya for your kind words! Hope your doing well!

All my best!


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