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Animal collagen, which has been used as a wrinkle-smoother for many years, required a skin test to guard against a possible severe allergic reaction. Because the new products contain collagen found in human skin, neither single-visit injection requires a pre-treatment skin test, the company says. CosmoDerm is meant to treat superficial lines, while CosmoPlast is designed for more pronounced wrinkles.  

Hmmm, sounds like an upgrade from Botox - won't be permanent then.

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Yes, i think in this way too.

We're in 2003 year, and we couldn't regenerate skin and we couldn't regenerate hair and we couldn't regenerate...anything!!!I think dermatology is a business like the TV's. Today i feel i little more sad, i think all in this life is very difficult and there is not solution to anything.

I hope honest people keep working thinking in who we feel.

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I know how you feel. But i am kind of hopeful that one day some genius who really cares for people like us will find a "miracle" cure. We just have to patient.

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Yes dim, maybe illusion is the last thing that we have to loose, but sometimes you have to be realistic. I think they don't know who we feel.

Yesterday i call to my derm, and he tell me that he is going to have a new laser (he was the man who treated me with N-Lite, with good results, but you know, not sufficient). I know that is just more commertial. It will cost more money, just this, and maybe the improvement...one per cent more??

I think that yes, there are one solution: the mind. Is impossible, a lot of times, i know, but i think that maybe in ten or twenty years i will look back and i will can say "just another thing of the life". Remember that this is a illnes like other one, and we have just to battle with it.

Sorry again about my english.

And a lot of illusion to all the people that is crying, because there is a light that never goes out.

It will come the day that all us will be happy.

dim, i'm trying to call to the program, but i think is just impossible. Keep working in it, i'm trying too, maybe both of us finally finds the doc.

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