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The Dictators Have Removed My Post

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To the dictatorial Moderator who made the rash decision to remove my post titled: Self medication on Accutane.

Whichever imprudent moderator decided to remove my post should be utterly ashamed. Public boards are not supposed to be places of self righteousness where posts that run counter to the status quo are censured. The person who read my thread and felt compelled to remove it obviously looks at the world through circumscribed lenses. If they were to actually take a critical look, they might be horrified to find that people have been self-medicating for thousands of years. Before there ever was such a thing as a primary care physician or dermatologist, there were healers in the Himalayas and dark corners of Africa practicing self-medication. Moreover, the science of medicine itself is contingent upon such exploration. Before there is ever a marketable drug, there is experimentation: There are trial studies; There are daily solicitations for human “guinea pigs� on the back pages of the daily paper; Even after a drug is marketed, there is yet another experimental period where we wait and see just how the drug will perform long-term. Yet I don’t see any of these moderations trying to rally up support to shut down the drug companies whose experimentation continues ad infinitum.

Any literate person who read my post would have read that I am NOT going straight through my treatment without medical supervision. My doctor is fully aware of what I am doing and is obligated to perform routine blood tests whether he agrees with my choice of treatment or not. He has already seen me on Tuesday, and will continue with follow up as he sees fit. That was clearly posted in my thread. The problem is that the average person is just that•average. They lack the requisite self-ownership and intelligence to advocate for their own bodies. Most people find the task of doing research too Byzantine to try to self-medicate, and secretly resent those of us who do. I have extensively researched Accutane, all the way down to its molecular level, and am still doing much research on this drug. The only thing I need from a physician is routine bloodwork to monitor its effects. Other than that, I know how to dose myself, and I certainly know how to swallow a pill.

It should be equally clear that my post was no anomaly; there are dozens of posts floating around the board touting self-medication on Accutane. Apparently mine was perceived to be the most compelling, which under different circumstances I might find flattering. Anyway, I have already created a following, and receive emails and other communications from members outside of this site. So, censure on. Maybe the Gestapo •I mean moderators•will have eventual success at quashing all independent thought.

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Self-medicating is a choice. However, it is NOT reccomendable. This site does not encourage it for good reasons. HOW is this hard to understand?

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Guest tenshigirl25

yeah i mean it is the rules of posting..if u wanna self mdicate then go right ahead. i personally dont find i toffensive to read and it wouldnt make me wanna go out and do it but to some it might..accutane is a pretty serious drug and its illegal to do what ur doing..so maybe thats why they put it down..it makes sense, they dont want to be up fora lawsuit encouraging teenagers to self medicate on accutane and be responsible. it may only be a webiste but this is the real world too.

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I am self medicating with BP. Sure, its not as serious of a drug as accutane but its still self medicating.

The difference is that Accutane is a PRESCRIPTION drug, and a very closely controlled one at that. BP is an over the counter med designed for self medication.

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