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To those who use tea tree oil...

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Lately ive been putting some on one of those cotton pads and then spraying DDF aloe toner on it and just wiping my face.

However, i looked at the DDF ingediants and theres ALOT of sh1t in there. i had about 40% of it left annd i dont think it has been doing anything for my skin so i poured it out, rinsed the container clean and filled it with cold water and use the water instead today.

Im on like day 5 of using tea tree oil...i just ran out of it too (had some left from a previous purchase) so i hope my order from drugstore.com comes today.

Anyway im trying to keep my skin regimen as simple as possible.

Im just doing nivea doublewash and then doing the tea tree oil + spritzed water on a cotton pad. Thats it.

We'll see how it goes. I cut out SA/GA/BP which i usta use before.

So what about you guys?

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I do the Jessfoliation method so I use Neo-sporin. I tried mixing TTO oil and neo to spot treat and it worked great.

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

A company in Australia sell a Tea Tree Oil Acne cream.

It's called Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne. Contains active Melaleuca Oil 200mg/g. The company is called "Thursday Plantation". I just thought some people may find it a bit more potent than others on the market.

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i bought the brown bottle of TTO at walmart a few months ago, and i wasn't really impressed with it.

All it did was make my face red and irritated and break out more.

Perhaps don't use it at full strength?

This isn't the answer for me, i need something internal.

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I'm interested in using TTO also... but I don't know how.

i just brought a bottle..

its tiny for like.. $ 7 sumtin..

from zellars pharmasy.

ne wayz it says on the bottle to

treat pimples.. just apply

wit a cotton ball 1-3 times


i havn't used it yet.. but heard

alot bout it.. so i hope it works!

oh and anyone know if it leaves

behind a red/brown mark?

cuz i know pollypsorin sumtimes does.

on my skin.. although it shouldn't .. :wall:

n i have TTO 100%

emm too strong?

it doesnt say on the bottle to dulite it..

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ive been using TTO by wetting a cotton pad, then just holding it over the bottle of tto and turning it upside down for a split second, i do this 2 times then swab my face. makes it nice an tingly.

You really have to experiment though, i used a bit too much and it made a small part of my face slightly red (which was gone the next morning) so just test out different amounts till u find what works.

i also use JASON aloe vera gel afterwards and let me say, THAT STUFF ROCKKS!

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I used to use this just a dab on my finger or a cotton swab and dab each on my pimples. Like BP it immidiately dries them out and they just peel off in the week. Mine was Hollista Brand and it was 100%. After about 3 weeks of using this my face was highly sensitive to the sun and the wind. And when i applied this my face got badly burnt and stingy. I guess 100% is just too much and you can't dilute this since it's an oil. I would just go with Body Shop TTO since it's 5 or 10% i think and is diluted.

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Thanks for all the replies guys. I tried mixing it in with some aloe vera gel and put it on at night. It mixed really well and went on smoothly, but the smell!!! I had so much trouble falling asleep because of the smell!! So I don't know if I'm going to stick to this.

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