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Dr Miracle

Best cleanser!

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Which do you guys think is better the bottle or the bar? I want a bar because its cheaper and because it lathers, but the bottle i heard barely lathers and supposeby hard to spread, so which is better, because I really dont see how it can cleanse the skin. Its kinda like rubbing a light lotion on your skin and rinsing it off isnt it, although i never tried it so i dont actually know, but im imagining it would be like that,right? =P~

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I use the bottle and it's fine. I don't think it's meant to lather, as such. It doesn't go foamy like some things which is part of it's appeal I think. Because on the bottle it says 'contains a unique low-lathering formulation'. Must be an advantage if they mention it ; )

I usually stick my face under the shower for a second, then put a few squirts in my hand and stick it on my face, and it spreads easily.. and depending on what you've got on your face (makeup, etc), you can just gently rub it for 10 seconds or with makeup, maybe 30 seconds. And then I just rinse it off under the shower again.

So erm.. back to your question of which is best - the bar or the bottle - I don't know -grin- because the bottle has always been good for me. I know a lot of people who use Cetaphil and they use the bottle.. so it's working for many.. altho some people here have said they hate it.. -shrug-

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I have skin that can get dryed up prety easily, because of all the topicals I put on it. I have used alot of cleansers, and I do like Cetaphyl the best.

But...Although its the cleanser that I like the best, if my skin wouldn't get dryed up so easily, I would use something else. I have found that cetaphyl doesn't do a very good of cleaning. My skin gets VERY oily at some parts, and cetaphyl just cant get that oil of. I need to use something with salicic acid on it, to get rid of the oil on my knose, forhead, and sometimes cheeks.

I work on my car often, resulting in very dirty hands. I have found that cetaphyl cant get any of the dirt of my hands after I am done. I tryed a salicic acid cleanser, and worked much better at getting the dirt of. I tryed a bar of soap, and much better also. So what I recomend is, use cetaphyl if you need to. If your skin gets dry and flaky because of your topical medication, then use cetaphyl. If your skin doesnt get dry and flaky, use something else..

Just my opinion.

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First of all, Cetaphil comes in 2 sizes, the small bottle doesn’t have a pomp , the big one (16 oz) does.

I use it too and I like it because it is not harsh on my skin but it dos not clean makeup good, that is ok though because I do not ware makeup.

I use it like this :

- splash face with water

- one pump on one cheek , one on the other (actually I use one and a half ) and one for the forehead. This way I have enough cleanser to really cleanse.

- Splash a lot of water to make sure it gets rinsed off completely.

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Sofreshandsoclean1- Yes, I use trisan and I love it. It foams up a tiny bit and it rinses clean. I find it cuts down on the number of problem spots I get.. it's great. That's what my derm. recommended. Try it :(

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