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Acne Miracle / CP / Lactic / Vinegar / Godiva / Taping Log

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My current regimen, since 1 week ago (I will keep you posted)...


Godiva anti-blemish / whitening soap with a little sugar as an exfoliant

Tape Method

Godiva anti-blemish / whitening soap (to ensure any gunk from sticky tape is removed)

Acne Miracle regulating spray

Godiva anti-blemish / whitening astringent

Acne Miracle Acnicure Gel


Godiva anti-blemish / whitening soap with a little sugar as an exfoliant

Super CP serum

Spot treat marks & scars with Super Cop

Use Dermaroller

Retin-A (Isotrex Gel)

Spot treat active acne with manuka honey UMF 15+

Spot treat red marks with Godiva anti-blemish / whitening cream

Twice Weekly

Bentonite Clay and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ("raw" - undistilled) mask


Lactic acid 50% peel

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Note : many aspects of this routine I have been doing for much longer...

retin-a .. around 1 year

CP and lactic acid peels .. 6 weeks

taping .. 8 weeks

dermaroller .. 6 weeks

bentonite clay & vinegar mask .. 7 weeks

It's just the acne miracle and godiva stuff that is new, I have been trying to tailor the best routine for my needs out of the information I have found on this board.

My main problems (in order of severity)

1. Red Marks (biggest problem)

2. Occasional Cysts

3. Very oily skin

4. Some shallow pitted scarring

5. Blackheads on my nose

I have already seen an improvement in red marks, but I couldn't put a % on it at this stage as I am far more aware of the marks now, also my skin has got paler so maybe makes them relatively more noticable compared with unmarked skin.

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