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I'm about to go on accutane, but for mild cystic acne.

I've been reading some posts the last couple of weeks from people who are disappointed that their acne is returning...but one thing I noticed in ALL of these posts is that the doses have been REALLY LOW (30mg-60mg)... For accutane to have higher remission rates, you really need an 80mg or 1mg/kg dose..thats what all of the studies show.

Just my 2 cents...my derm is putting me on 80mg..says I'll prolly be cured.

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There's just as many studies that show that low dosages are just as effective, and also have much less sideffects and risk of long term damage.

Either way, I hope it works for you. I don't have big enough balls to go onto accutane...scares me. :evil:$

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Well I'm on 80mgs a day and I am 150 pounds. I have been on accutane for about a week so far and things are going good :D/ I have some side affects like back pain , my joints hurt from time to time and odd head pains that come and go and little bit of red skin, but really it is a small price to pay for clear skin. :)

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20mg per day will clear your skin, but what AmericanOrange is saying is that you need 1 mg/kg per day (or i think a total cumulative dose of 120mg/kg), in order to provide the best chance of a cure.

You see the study showed that since one of the targets for the accutane is the ketatin producing cells (the other is the sebaceous glands), on average, in order to remain permanently cured these cells have to be re-set, by the accutane, this will only happen (on average) if a large daily dose, over the treatment period is used.

i.e 1mg/kg per day, otherwise the cells will simply carry on as they were(producing way to much keratin) a short while after the treatment ends.

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