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Colon Cleansing - Detoxifying the body

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Has anybody tried doing this? (not enema's) I've been reading up on it and it sounds promising. Not only to help out with acne, but in overall healthy thing to do. But... there is so much information, that I'm getting lost in all of it. Any advice/input is needed. This site is what got me interested.


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Hi there.I'm actually having my first ever session in 2 weeks.Can't wait. It will clear out the mucus build up in the colon.So hopefully I'll absorb more of the food I eat and also prevent a leaky gut therefore fewer allergens in my bloodstream therefore less inflammation. That's the conclusion I've come to after spending hours researching acne and colonics on the Net. I'll let you know the results. I'm 99% acne free already thanks to a change of diet ( no dairy/nuts/wheat etc) and liver herbs. The best of luck with finding your cure.

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How do you know whether or not you have mucus buildup in your colon? You say you've spent hours researching these subjects on the Internet. In all of this research, have you found any real medical doctors who recommend colonics, or did you just find "new age" pseudo-doctors? I'm just curious, because at one time, I considered getting a colonic myself. I just don't know if it's really true that we have all of this junk rotting away in our colons. I don't think it could hurt you if you go to a reputable place, but I just wonder how much it could really help you.

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Seriously though- I think you can do the 'detoxification' naturally by taking natural stuff like slimming tea (not too much, just to increase regularity), drink natural fruit/vegetable juice (make your own with juicer), so you can do some cleaning with that, like do a juice diet...(consists of apple/parsley/celery/ginger/carrot...mix with lil OJ for taste).

The supporters of colonics would disagree with you. A colonic is a slightly pressurized physical flushing out of the impacted junk in your colon. It often takes several sessions to accomplish. Your method would not accomplish this, although it might be used for maintenance once your system is "flushed out". :-s

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njacobs I read of one doctor who used it regularly.Sorry, didn't save the link. With regards to doctors in general,I don't find them helpful .In fact many of them are ignorant and narrow minded.I have a hormonal disease which I control very effectively through diet and herbs.Doctors just shoved drugs in my face.

Of course you have to be careful with alternative medicine aswell.

About colonics, I have a few food intolerances which I think it will help. I think doing it too regularly may upset the good bacteria in the gut.So I'll have a session and see how it goes. I just want to get rid of any excess mucus and then carry on with my ultra healthy diet.

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I'm with Obi, as i've also done much research re:colonics. The thing is....granted they say john Wayne died w/ like 20 POUNDS of hardened fecal material lining his intestines, our bodies are inherently made for self detoxification. I teach Ashtanga yoga which is based on the idea "clean body= clean mind=peace" and i also live in california...the MOST fertile place on earth to launch a holistic "scam". I don't think colonics are a "scam", I just feel for the majority of peeps, if you drink enough water, eat fruit & fiber etc....your body will evacuate it's toxins all by itself...I mean there's like 6 internal organs specifally used just for this. Now if it was FREE......I'd do it once a year, just in case. But since it's expensive, and I've heard..uncomfortable...well, cascara sagrada will make you poop out your eyeballs, and it's cheap. Colon care is VERY important, however, so if getting colonics is your way of investing energy into yourself then that is a healthy, positive endeavor.

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