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hey all-

i wanted to write a short story about myself and how there is hope!! just dont give up!! and dont let acne get you down, there is a way out!

ok- some of you might be saying 'yea right' but seriously just read on for a little bit and hear me out. I'm 21 years old. I've had acne since i was 13 - which was like 7th grade it hink? well, i still have a few marks left, but a couple months ago my face was BAD!

i have tried everything. Biore, clearisal, cetaphil, pro-activ, clearisal ultra, clean & clear, accutane, bp, neutrogena, lasers, proffesional chemical peels, you name it, i tried it.

i spent thousands of $'s trying to find out what will get rid of the red marks. ive tried and ive tried and ive tried. then i came here and read about the glycolic peel kits... whoever first posted this, i would love to thank you in person for this wonderful product that changed my life!! its called Skin Wizard glycolic peels...i bought it off of ebay. - i have the 30 / 40 / and 50% bottles.

i also quit eating chips, chocolate and soda. i barely saw a difference, but it helped in some ways. im a little slimmer now, and my face isnt as oily and greasy as it was. I wash 2-3 times a day w/ warm water. In the shower i use Dove sensitive skin soap, and at night i wash my face with Murad. I dont know if some of you ever tried this, but, its just like Pro-activ. alot of people had bad experiences w/ this product b/c they give up in a month. but when you try Murad, you will break out alot before it heals your skin. everyone is different so this might not be a good product for you, but im just saying this is what i use to cleanse my face in the shower and at night. i think its a good product and it leaves my skin real smooth after showering... ive also been using murad for 7+ months

well anyways, i have been using these glycolic peels for about a month and a half and its slowly, but surely, working real good. i had dark marks since i was a teenager and they are fading pretty good. the directions say to use it once a week, but i use it on saturday and then again on tuesday. i started out with the 30% and leaving it on for a minute, next time i used it was for 2 minutes, and now im up to 7 minutes with 30% and seeing good results. if you havent tried this yet, and have tried everytyhing else, i highly recommend that you start! .. i use makeup every day all the time and i think in another 2 months i wont have to! i hate waking up and putting it on, i hate taking it off at night, im sick of the routine. with this glycolic stuff, im seeing amazing results and i thought i would share it with you people out there if you havent tried it yet... it really works. i was suicidal at a young age b/c of my skin and now i finally found the remedy to fix it. ive tried everything! and wasted thousands of dollars looking for the right medication, when its really the peels that work.

it slowly dissolves your skin and fades the marks. no other acne medication on the market does that! for me, when i used 'clearisil' on the spot treatment, i would wake up the next morning with 3 more! it sucked! i finally stopped throwing $ out the window and got this stuff and gave it one last try... and it helped... it takes time but it will be soo worth it in the end... just thought id like to share my life story lol.. i also let my sister use a little bit of mine and its even working for her too!! .. i wish you guys the best! good luck everyone!

i also forgot to mention... out of all those damn medications i used, i even tried toothpaste on my pimples and that worked better! go figure! i would dab a little on a white head and it would be half the size when i woke up ! take that you shitty ass OTC medications lol

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I would agree that glycolic acid is the best topical for red marks.

I have started using emu oil again, it carries the glycolic deeper into the skin as well as moisturises.

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I too have been using glycolic peels and must say, its probably the best thing I've used for my red marks. I had a horrible breakout about a month ago and both my cheeks have really really dark red spots. I've been using puredeming's 30% glycolic intense peel, and so far I've only done 2. After the 2nd one my face was kinda wrinkly...then a couple days after that my skin started slowly peeling off and a lot of the redness went away. I have a long ways to go but at least I've seen improvement, that's about the only thing positive about this whole acne thing. Please post any stories you have with glycolic peels so maybe others can benefit or choose to stay away from.

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