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bp 10% for 3 months (1 tube per 2 weeks) still aint even budging...?/?

anyone of you people tried toothpaste (salted) hahahaha

burn that shiet off something chronic,,,,

tell me if youve tried toothpaste and does it work, ?

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Its not always based on the strength of the BP but more on how much it irritates your skin, at least try the 5%.

Then [-o<

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if u really did use 10% bp tube per two weeks and did not work it probably means that nothing topical is gonna work for u. i wonder though whether u had the bp on 24/7 or not. ur skin must be as oily as a frying pan not to be irritated by that.

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thats just it,,

it doesnt irritate or affect it in anyway, thats why im gonna try some good ol toothpaste,


No it is getting irritated. 10% for sure will irritate any skin. Sometimes the irritation just doesnt show, you dont feel burning and you dont see redness.

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ive heard from my friends that use toothpaste is that they put a thick amount on top of pimples and it dries em out overnight, and drying out pimples seems to work well as a quick fix... i used to use a mild cleanser (neutrogena bar for sensitive skin) and a 10% bp cream (clearasil) and my acne wasnt improving any, so i decided to get rough on my skin, i used a medicated cleanser, harsh pore cleansing pads, and 5% nature's cure bp cream and i got to the clearest ive ever been... i just got klear action delivered (proactiv knockoff) and we'll see how that goes... im also gonna go buy some more nature's cure pills and a queen helene mint julep mask (like proactiv mask, $3). all of this can be found at walgreens (incl. klear action)

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