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Another person who needs help....

Ok basically i wanna save the time of posting different topics so im gunna list them. Can someone tell me of a good "miracle" blemish and scar remover cream or something that is for sale at stores at this time. I also want to know what foods may cause acne so i can stop eating them. Another question i have is what is the best acne fighter or remover out on the market, i read some post about vitamin b5 or something i was just wondering if anyone else knows of this. I am currently taking an antibotic called minocycline which works ok it sorta calms my acne nothing special but damn my back just doesnt seem to get any better an im gunna be 19 in a couple of months what the hell, its starting to run my life. I was told to visit this site cause your very helpful sorry for the long type but im in serious need of help. :evil:

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I don't know how serious you are about changing your diet, but skin is diet, acne is a symptom. Skin is included in the network of organs, every organ, in your body. If you are taking minocycline, ( worked good for me), you should buy a B-Complex. Antibiotics leech the magic B's from you. Nutritional yeast, brewers yeast, and wheat germ all are loaded full of B vitamins; most B vitamins are for skin. I'm 15 and my brother had the cystic horrible terrible thing going on, and I was next but for close to 10 months I've been doing lot's of things and finally cysts are going away, and scars are fading. It's hard to say what foods are not good for skin, so I just go on foods with low glycemia, bad fats, and cholesterol. Typically I dont eat foods that don't grow from the ground, except chicken, fish. Milk has all sorts of hormones you don't want, some can even grow breasts on males, yes boys; as well milk cannot be digested by humans and the body hasn't an idea of what to do with the waste milk is made up of so it dumps it through your pores. Androgens are the hormone that causes acne, simple as that, and there are ways of reducing them. Things I did that got rid of bad zits for me was green tea and saw palmetto, they both taste bad but worked. You think your paragraph was long? Thats just a taste of some of the things I do to combat the merciless acne, but if you do one thing, get some B-complex, look on the internet for other food sources.

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Wow pelantire, for a fifteen year old you know a lot of stuff. I am impressed. It is so hard it the world we were born into to eat right, and still be a part of society.

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