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ok well my acne wasn't too bad, i mean it was bad, but not too bad and i thought the regimen would help and honestly it has but only a little bit. my face has now broken out and it looks like how it looked when i started the regimen, man im frustrated! see the thing is it's only on my cheeks. i hardky get pimples on my forehead and none on my nose, i mean none. i dont get this. WHY ISNT THE REGIMEN WORKING???!?!?!?! nothing seems to help my acne improve and now im sad :evil::D:D

what should i do???????!!!

oh and i've been getting pimple after pimple on a smal portion of my left cheek and now it has made this big bump right where the pimples are and it wont go away....what is this??

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i cant say the regiment hasent been working, ive been on it since july seventh and since that period ive only gotten 2 little pimples , and those didnt come up on the problem area that i have been consentrating on , i dont get pimples on my forehead or nose , well i do but very rarely, just stick to the regiment, maybe it takes time , im gonna keep trying cause i got nothing better to do.

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Dear Albert,

i have the same situation as you. So don't worry! I first had whiteheads on my cheeks(small area). After i use bp, the acne spread to my WHOLE cheeks. The first week of regimen was terrible. My face was red & peeled a lot! I didn't even go to school! Second week was better cause all the dead skin cell are gone & my face improve a bit.

My advice is continue for 1 month, if it doesn't work see a dermotologist!

Anyway, i've been on the regimen for 2 1/2 weeks now. My face improve at first (2nd week of regimen) but i've been getting new few spots lately.

Does this happen to the rest of you guys? Should i pop them out or leave them for a while to let the bp kill them???

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