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Hey guys,

Due to my last microdermabrasion I broke out and now have these red/brown spots. I think the red spots are healing spots and brown ones are the left over. Now I want to get rid of 'em. Read some results about glycolic and lactic peels. I probably want to do spot treatments first, but can you guys recommend which one?

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Gycolic is stronger than lactic. So if u want a milder treatment i would go with the lactic. Since u just had microdermabrasion u should also wait until the skin heals or else u will be getting a deeper rxn than normal

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Thanks for your replies. It seems so confusing with so different views. I hear lactic acid is better than glycolic acid when it comes to handling dark spots. I did read about the kojic acid thread, but wasn't sure whether it's permanent or temporary, as I have used another expensive regime which only temporarily fixed the problem.

I did my 4th microdermabraion in mid May, so I don't think I need to wait. It's weird, my acne was under control for 6 years, but that 4th microdermabrasion must had been too powerful in combination with one acne I had at the time must have spread over all over my face while skin was unprotected....and using soap didn't help either I suppose...

I guess I'll try better exfoliant glycolic acid for spot treatment since I don't think lightening my skin using lactic or kojic may only do a temporary fix...and may come back as soon as I stop using the products.

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