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go to that site, i went to a skin care specialist (as opposed to a dermatologist) and let me say, skin care specialists are so much more helpful. they listen to the emotional stuff behind the face, and dont just write you off with a prescription and never talk to you again...this lady sat with me for 2 hours. she gave me a partial facial, and then told me that i should try this system along iwth a couple of full deep pore facials, adn thtat it would tremendously hepl my acne. let me say , when i had gone into tht office, i had big red burns on the side of my face from the chemicals and over the counter stuff i had been using (which, as she said, isnt really going to work nearly as well as something refined and of excellent quality "no fillers" as she said). so when i left the office, my skin was, let just say, unbelievably improved! just with a nice scrub a dub dub with this face wash (from the obagi system) also, she is going to see me every two weeks to modify the treatment accordingly for free! (not something a dermatologist will usually do) there are no variales involved here. no "what moisturizer should i use?" kind of questions...everything spelled out, some things so gentle and full of aloe etc that my face looks unbelievable, at day 3. im not kidding, im not making thisup. the day i saw her was a bad day for me. i was crying at how much my face had goen awry...it was weird, it was so peeled and unbalanced that it looked soaking wet! and i couldnt dry it! well, this system as already balanced out my skin so much, and its incredible it truly is. just wanted to share this information with anyone struggling with acne...trust me, you need to help heal it from the inside out, and a skin care specialist is the way to go. i thank God that my dad opened the phone book to her EXACT page! it was like a sign :)

much love all,

and do me a favor, and just try it...you wont be sorry



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I tried they obagi skin fading cream to get rid of my red marks, it did the opposite and caused more redness and gave me huge pimples. But glad to hear you like it! Good luck with it. It's very expensive!

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The Obagi system is awesome..

For the first few weeks my face was super red (see gallery) but now that the doctor took me off "Clear" (one of the creams in the system) and put me on this one cream containing retinol, my skin's going back to its usual colour and, recently, I've gotten some mild pealing...

It's probably one of the most expensive systems out there, but it works great for me, and that's all that really matters to me... (BP and SA worked for around 2-3 months... then just stopped working... which drove me to Obagi)

So yeah, I recommend them as well. :)

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I'm on the obagi system now i have to say it's really killer. I'm my second week in and it really make your skin red and peely it really sucks. But i know it will be worth it. My cousin used the system and has beautiful skin so i know it will work. It's very discouraging at first but it will be better.

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