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I just ordered Skinclean on Wednesday and today is Saturday... i thought it only took two days for it to get here but I don't have it yet !! I keep emailing the "support" team but yeah no respond does anyone know if this Skinclean stuff is a scam ?? I mean I'm 17 and I have had an acne problem for years and it sucks because I'm imbarrased to look at people and not to sound snobby or anything it is really effecting my social life. So if anyone has any suggestions please help !!!

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I tried SkinClean, I think the guy's name was Bret who owned it, and he was good at mailing and emailing me. It did not work for me, as it was a bit gritty and I have really sensitive, fair, yet oily skin. Seemed to aggravate it.

But I did learn from Bret some tricks - if you use a washrag, only use a WHITE one and change it daily. The bacteria live in the colored one, hence hospitals use white, plus you can bleach them (I don't).

I went to Bastyr Clinic, a naturopathic clinic in Seattle, Wash., last October and they were the only ones who helped me. Be gentle with your face too, treat it like a baby.

Hope that helps,


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I just ordered skinclean today... no idea when its expected to arrive since i live in Australia :)

hope it works out... ive tried everything with no luck, inclding the acne.org regimen :D

any skinclean users pls post ur experience with it! thanks!

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Skinclean? Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt....didn't work. Bret, the owner, is a good, honest guy though. I emailed him that I was having problems with his products and he refunded my money without even asking. If you have mild acne, give it a try. If you have moderate to severe acne, save your money.

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