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BP causes permanent face flush? rosacea?

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so i followed dan's regimen back in the day when he recommended the neutrogena on-the-spot (2002/03)

I discontinued the regimen after a couple of months of continuous use everyday. I disliked how it make my cheeks and cheekbones horribly red. I didn't have any allergic reaction or sensitivity to it like painful irritations.

Anyways it's been a couple years now and the exact same pleaces i applied BP seem to have my face permanently red. At first i thought maybe it's just normal, but i came to the realization that is most likely wasn't. When i get hot, my cheeks and temple get red... not like blushing where the entire face kind of "blends" to a red shade. There are clear distinctions to where my skin is red and where it's normal pigment. It's like i can draw the dividing line. The area around my mouth is fine, around my eyes are fine, forehead isn't as bad as cheeks/temple.

to give a visual, my cheeks look similar to this: http://dermnetnz.org/acne/img/rosacea2-s.jpg

except mine is more spread across the face.

so i guess what i'm asking is, if anyone else experienced this?

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BP sucks...use water...

I only use bp on the really bad zits... everthing else I use a moisturizer with .5% salicylic acid

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