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witch hazel

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I don't know much about this I think I read something about this a while back, bout it doing something for acne scars. I just got Proactive and I was reading the ingredients for the toner and I happened to find Witch Hazel on the list..can anyone let me know if Witch Hazel helps shallow acne scars at all.Thanks in advance.


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Hi...witch hazel doesn't do anything for shallow scars....but it HAS helped me with red marks...I apply witch hazel and then neosporin...I'd say my red marks have improved 50% if not more....some are still there, some are completely gone. Be careful with proactiv....some people say it works (it did for me for a few months and then quit completely) The place I go to for microdermabrasion asked me to quit using it as they do not like it at all and say it actually makes the skin worse in the long run.....I'm sure there are many many different opionions...just thought I would share my experience with it.. good luck

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I strongly doubt it will do anything sor scarring. I have never heard of it to be an exfoliant.... secondly topicals RARELY do much for scarring, they ,may help with hyperpigmentation though...

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I appreciate the heads up.However I did buy the product paid 40 bucks..which is not too much but since it's not doing anything bad for my skin right now I see no reason to quit using it. I mean I will keep at it and see how it goes. Besides the shallow scars I have existing acne that I would like to control.But thanks for the heads up.

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Yea I was part of the club....paid 45 bucks every month for almost 2 years...the only way to find out what it will do for you is to use it right? Since it was no miracle cure for me (except for the first few months) and the skin care people at my spa asked me to stop using it a couple months ago I did...otherwise I would probably still be using it....I thought since I was spending that much that it was the best stuff and my skin was just really bad...come to find out my skin looks much better now and all I am using is oil of olay cleanser with microbeads, witch hazel and neosporin....about 5 or 6 bucks a month all together....skin care is a very individual thing...what works for one won't work for another so I hope it works for you, give it a try and hopefully it will...but if it doesn't don't blame your skin...might actually be the products.....best of luck!!!

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