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If my fucking acne breakouts don't stop senior year...ugh i dont know what ill do..life is so depressing...mom says i don't have acne...( I have lots of blackheads...)..and she thinks that I don't need to worry about it..but what the hell..what if this doesnt stop?>...i want to do anything to stop it...not accutane..im not gonna suffer rectal bleeding for the goddamn stuff..but..i want to order Xian..or anything.I dont care if it hasnt been proven or is approved by the FDA...i dont really care anymore. I want to try it. Too bad i dont have a credit card or Id order it...mother doesnt want to use her stupid credit card...god I hate her.

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Your being upset and angry about all this is totally understandable. I 'm really sorry that your mom doesn't understand how you feel about this. If it is hard to conversate with her, maybe write her a note saying how much pain this has caused you and what you wouldlike to do about it and how she can help. If it's sincere, she may change her mind. I don't know her, but if you are set on getting rid of acne you have to be willing to do whatever it takes and it osunds like you are willing. Start that letter. Unfortunately, you have to rely on your mom for money or whatever, so start there first. Have you tried this regimen? It has worked for me. I would say give it a try. It's not expensive and my acne cleared up in about a month. Let the frustration go and focus on how you are going to go about your plan to get rid of your acne. One step at a time and one day at a time. Sorry, nothing happens overnight. It would great if it worked that way though! Don't beat yourself up about it, it's nobody's fault. Where there's a will, there a way. I wish you the very best. You can do this!!! [-o<

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i read someone said to drink it, but i don't think that's right. the reason why you apply lemon juice to the skin is that it has natural AHA, citric acid which will exfoliate the skin.

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Putting it on your face helps, it can work wonders for some people, but I am going crazy and drinking it like water. Might even turn into a lemon if I eat any more, seems to work, burn that evil acne. :evil:

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