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desperate4clarity's accutane log

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wow your skin is clearing up really well. i know ur still breaking out alittle bit but ur acne looks nothing compared to your first post pictures. U look 80% better. how many months left to go???

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i agree.you look so much better.

its a really good idea to take fotos like you're doing. i'm sure your pics are giving alot of people hope.

i was on accutane.came off it a year ago.it might sound deep but it changed my life.

i wish you all the best.you look GREAT! :clap:

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so i went to the derm today to get my last refill on accutane and they told me that i was done, i had taken a rough total of 9,000mg of accutane thus far and they said a full course is about 7,000mg so they did not want to prescribe me anymore. they said i should continue to improve. im scared that im going to start breaking out again so wish me luck....it was a journey getting to where im at now...time flew by though

i have a lot of red marks!

left and right respectively

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Going good,

been off for like 2 months myself, cleared me, but i STILL have redmarks left. nevertheless it's looking 10x better then before, and same goes for you :)

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