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Why the sun is bad while your on BP

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I still haven't got an answer to the question. What exactly does BP do that makes the sun so bad? Does BP magnify UV so you burn quicker? Is it a combination of BP and Vitamin A from the sun that is bad? Do the effects still last for a short period after I wash off the BP? And last, can I still use a tanning bed, or be in the sun if I am totally washed of all products, but use BP daily?

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I haven't figured this one out either. Maybe people think the combo of BP & sun is bad because both can be drying. All I know is that I just came back from two weeks at the beach & I followed the regemin the whole time I was there. In fact, my face normally DOES fry even with spf 15. This time around, though, my face is actually lighter in color than the rest of me. Maybe this is because of the "bleaching" effect of BP. Anyway, I did not burn at all this time around & I applied BP right before my sunscreen & right before heading into the hot sun for 6 hrs per day. My skin is not as clear as it was before I went on vacation, though. I hate sunscreen on my face. No matter what, it always causes clogged pores. The package can say "non-comodogenic" all it wants, but I'll never believe it.

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no, the main reason is that the bp on the skin will make an unfortunate chemical reaction when it is hit by uv rays. Its called phototoxicity or something like that.

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There is just no way I could possible stay out of the sun. I do not wear the BP while I am in the sun for prolonged periods, like if I am spending hte day swimming or at the beach. I use Mary Kay SPF 30 sunblock and I love it!!! It's oil free and it has been wonderful to my skin. It's really light and it feels nice on too. Not greasy like most sunscreens. I stick to the regimen aside from that. I just wouldn't mix the BP and sunbathing. Other than that I don't think that regular sunlight here and there is going to be too bad. At least I haven't had any problems with it. [-o<

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If the sun is hot and you are soaking the rays, I think you can afford to drop the dosage of BP.

The vitamin d content in the sun's rays is superb for the skin.Just don't overdo it.

Rejoice in the sun.It's your friend.

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