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I'm not sure what to think...

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I've been on the regimen for about 3 days now (not long at all, I know) and instead of using 2.5% BP, I've been using 10% because it's the only thing available here. I figure I'll use 2.5% when I get back to the states (which is soon). Anyway, ever since I started, some areas of my skin, especially the acne-infected areas, began to darken a little. Now it feels dry and tight. Some parts are starting to peel and as it does, new, lighter skin can be seen. The problem I have is, only some parts are peeling and some are still dry and dark, making it look like I have light patches across my face. I'm glad to say that my acne has been clearing up, but is this normal? Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, thats it isn't it, we've suffered with acne for so long, a few weeks of uneven skintone should be worth freeing ourselves from this disease.

Apparantly the redness etc. should begin to go away after your skin gets used to the BP, this should take about 2-3 weeks.

Just hang in there, i've been doing it for a week now :evil:/

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Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it :evil: . I figure I'll take a temporary break until my skin goes back to normal, then I'll get back into the regimen a bit more slowly. The tightness is somewhat unbearable. Anyways, I'll try to keep you guys posted on what happening with me. Hey Ani, you should give us a few updates on how you're doing too. It would help.

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Well, my skin is still somewhat dry and still peeling. I'm gonna wait til it's fully healed, then I'm gonna just apply BP to areas affected by acne. When I get to the states, I'll go for a liquid cleanser and 2.5% BP so it's easier on my skin. It doesn't handle 10% very well. So far, it's not too bad.

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Well thats basically it, the 10% is too strong, i manage with 5% because i can't get 2.5. I can deal with the dryness and stuff, it isn't too severe.

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