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Scars will eventually heal in time, right?

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mmm my father told me he had bad acne in his twenties, for what he described me, it was worse than mine, but he never cared and never treated it, he has always been hard working and he was out on the sun for a lot of time in his life and he doesn't have any visible scars in his face, but he has a few ones on the neck and his back, he has told me that the scarring on him has faded away over years, he is 60 now, so i think yes they will vanish with time and probably with the help or "damage" of sun exposure, but anyways, he was clear since i was born when he was 40 years old. however i wouldnt wait for 30 of 40 years to heal! =;

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Most red marks will eventually fade in time - 2-12 months. But some people are prone to deeper pigmentation and they can be helped along with various methods (vinegar/tape/peels/topicals etc)

Pitted scarring does not rid itself although can improve a little in time.

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i have a two-three inch long scar from a gash on my arm i received 8 years ago. however within one to two years? probably less than one, the color of it turned extremely pale white and now you can't notice it unless i point it out to you

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