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who has had success with accutane

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My doctor wants to put me on accutane and i just wanted to kno some things about it, thanx

ok i was just wondering who has had success with accutane? how bad was your initial breakout? how long was it before your skin started to clear up? and once you stopped did the acne return? if anyone would answer this i would very much appreciate it!

thank you

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ive had success with accutane. initial breakout was just worse than normal but nothing rediculous. i had to stop it because of knee pains so i only completed 2 months of a 5 month cycle and so yes my acne did return and now im starting accutane again and my skin started clearing up after 2 weeks and its been a little more than 2 weeks and i only have about 5 pimples which is a lot better than having a bunch of cysts and stuff that I used to have. Accutane is a good choice and if your doctor reccomends it I would definetely say that you should go on accutane. For many people (like myself) it is a lifesaver.

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4 months thru a 5-6 month course and what can i say? i've gone from moderate acne to completely clear (bar scarring) skin.

take Accutane.

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accutane rocks, been on it a month and already spots have grinded to a halt and are dissapearing fast.

-Take it easy

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I have succes with my accutane course, i was on it for 7 months ...... and im clear now....

now .. to get rid of the scars ......

greets, Marc

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