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Why do they keep coming back ??

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I get pimples randomly over my face, really, which is bad, but the regimen kinda helps. But then I have these 4 spots on my jawline that always come back. They first came in April and they disappear after a week or so, then come back again a few weeks later.. I don't understand.. are they the SAME pimples ? And why hasn't it gone already ? : (

Any answers would be appreciated !


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You need to squeeze these, i've had them like that before.

The actual inflammation goes away but the pus lingers deeper in the pore. Once the bacterium has reproduced significantly the inflammation will return as the body tries to destroy the infection again.

If you squeese them (i know it's not recommended) then the majority of pus will be released and so your body can easily destroy the infection with minimum inflammation. :-k

Others may disagree but it works for me, and it doesn't scar so thats ok.

BUT! If no pus is evident after a certain amount of pressure is applied then don't carry on squeezing, it will just make it worse. You will know when most of the infection is removed because it will appear to 'pop' as the final pus is released and the pore contracts.

Hope that helps O:)

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Ahhh yes, the satisfying pop. Does it ever make you feel better than your pimple when you finally get that pop? You know...not when the pus first comes out...but when you think your done and you squeeze just a lil harder and a little strand of final pus comes out followed by some blood maybe.

I know it may sound sick, but it always gives me so sort of satisfaction.

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Yeah...and it's even better when you can actually hear the pop & the stuff is propelled against the bathroom mirror! I know it sounds sick, but it's true! It's somehow like you're getting revenge.

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yah. when you actually hear the pop and witness the brutality of the pus on the bathroom mirror. You feel vindicated. That is until you look up 2 min later and the pimple is redder than blood.

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LOL, i suppose it is satisfying when you know it's been destroyed. When the blood comes out fully red though, that means the whole infection is gone and you have won :evil:/

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Be nice to the pimples you hate! I have had similar pimples that come and go at their convenience and certainly not mine. The more I played with themand tried to get rid of them, the worse it would get. My recommendation would be to just stick to the regimen and wait for them to dry up and go away on their own. I know it is near impossible to NOT pop a whithead, if they turn into whiteheads at all, but try your best to let them dry up and come off on their own. I have had whiteheads just come off from washing and drying my face. If it's horribly big, pop but don't play. I know it sounds crazy, but I have found that ignoring pimples is better than giving them all my attention. They seem to get annoyed by all the attention!

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