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URGENT:Senior Pictures

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I have a question...I'm a guy and i have a couple spots on my face...do they cover this up? because i want my face to look perfect...then ill be like..wow..maybe someday ill look that good..So do they do this? Do they touch it up and cover ur spots!?

Please reply ASAP!

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Yes, they will touch up any blemishes without you asking. They do it on everyone's picture. However, they don't do it on the proofs. After you pick out which ones you want and place your order, that's when they do it. If you look in my high school yearbooks, all the seniors have perfect skin, very unreal but i'm happy with it.

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Ask the photography people who are doing the pics. They don't do anything to the proofs but I know both companies that I went to for my grad photos did retouch the photos.

It can't help to ask and then after you ask you will know for sure.

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I don't think they to touch ups, it is quite costly and time-consuming.

If you must cover-up your pimples, go to a department store and ask for help at a cosmetics counter like Clinique. Ask them for an oil-free, non-comedogenic concealer which will treat your pimples too. Clinique has an Anti-Blemish Solutions Concealer which covers up and treats at the same time. Just make sure the colour matches, if it doesn't try another make-up counter.

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Marytylermoore, pics like these (grad/senior) are more costly then everyday school pics so they often do. I paid over a hundred for the pics from just one of my sittings as opposed to the 10 bucks for normal school pics.

I would be seriously suprised if they didn't do touch ups. If they don't, then call around to the different photography places! Most schools will still let you have the pics in like the yearbook (if you didn't use the photography people they bring in) but you need to talk to them about it early in the school year!

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