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Broken out again..*sob *.plz read

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So i went to my gf's cabin the other week..and i only used BP and the Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer ( I didnt want to embarass myself by using tazorac in front of her...) I was surprised..but my face looked pretty damn good by the time we left...then i came home..and we went swimming the next week..i swear chlorine is a BITCH for my skin..or SOMETHING..because i always break out after it...so yes..here I am...i mainly suffer fromblackheads and i just got a cyst..which...i havent gotten any for like 4 months...( left side of my nose ..still hasnt full developed but i can feel it coming..)...Im still using tazorac..and the Aveeno Moisturizer...and they seemed to be working..It might because of irritation to my skin..accidently scrubbed too hard the other day...stupid washcloths..shouldn't have used them.

Does anyone have any good treatments for blackheads? I don't actually get zits...its just little ones underneath the skin..like blackheads...my face looks better than a year ago..but i want it to be even more clear...Any suggestions for blackheads or large pores on the nose?

Thx a bunch.....( I'm also considering this XIAN stuff...sounds nice so far...)

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I would wait until we get some proof of the effectiveness of this Xian before buying it.

Chlorine is a know irritant, so it is highly likely that this caused your outbreak.

Also there are facepacks you can get which help to tighted and refine pores, these work in hours, believe me, i know.

My best advice is...don't get too worked up about it, from the sound of it you are mostly clear, so don't worry, you'll be clear again before you know it. 8)

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a weekly glycolic or lactic peel would help. It has helped me tremendously. A cheap and effective face mask is simply to mix 1 part bentonite clay and 3 parts apple cider vingear. I also use Differin but i think it doesn't do much on it's own.

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Just don't panic and overwash. God knows I have made that mistake too many times and it bit me in the ass in the long run with overproduction of oil.

BTW, I have quite the cyst on my forhead right now. Unusual because that is an area in which I haven't broken out in for years. Bastard ass cyst too. Makes me want to inject a neddle to keep it down. Nevermind...I am just ranting.

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you know i dont get it...the cyst is in the same spot..as it always is...it reoccurs like every 4 months..and it's lame as hell..ugh..i wish it'd go away for good!...i need to get rid of blackheads..somehow...what are these face packs your talking about...brand names anyone? effectiveness..?what they do? etc...if u could give me more info itd be great

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