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Old Nodules & Cysts Still Under The Skin

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I am working my way though accutane (week 6) and would say so far I am pretty happy with the results.

Although I still get whiteheads, I rarely get new forming deep acne (nodules or cysts). However, I probably have about 15 "left over" nodules that I can still feel in my neck. They are small, about the size of a BB, but extremely hard, like i little rock. I hate them b/c the skin is red on the surface where each one is and I feel like they just don't ever go away.. most of them have been there for 6 months or so.

Does anyone know what I could try doing for them?

Would cortisone shots help? (or is that only for active/forming acne?)

I hope the answer is not time...


(I posted this in "Scar Treatments" as well if you want to check for other responses)

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

I am guessing that most people will suggest cortisone shots. I know nothing about these.

Go to your Derm, they may even be able to syringe and extract them.

Hope it goes alright, good luck with the medication. :D

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Guest himrules89

i got some of those on my face. i am thinking of getting the shots.

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Hey...your acne sounds like it may be similar to mine. I had about 20 deep lesions that weren't sore, but they were still soft and very much there. My derm gave me costeroid shots and they shrunk in 2 days and never came back. I went on prednisone for about a month after (oral) and it went away. My acne is much better now. I strongly recommend the cortisone shots...very affective. Now I'm trying to figure out how to deal with scars. I think surgery is too drastic...its mostly discoloration. Good luck .

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cortisone shots are the only way to remove them. i have 5 around my jawline and currently shooting them with cortisone but i've only done it once. its a good idea to inject them now, sometimes they grow

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Has your doctor seen them? You should call the doctor and tell He/she your concerns - Things might be different when on accutane as far as injecting cysts. I don't know. Usually if they are active the cysts can be injected, if they are not painful and active they cannot usually be injected because your skin would just sink immediatley. Your doctor could give you a topical steroid to put only on the cysts and nowhere else.

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