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Old Nodules & Cysts Still Under The Skin

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I am working my way though accutane (week 6) and would say so far I am pretty happy with the results.

Although I still get whiteheads, I rarely get new forming deep acne (nodules or cysts). However, I probably have about 15 "left over" nodules that I can still feel in my neck. They are small, about the size of a BB, but extremely hard, like i little rock. I hate them b/c the skin is red on the surface where each one is and I feel like they just don't ever go away.. most of them have been there for 6 months or so.

Does anyone know what I could try doing for them?

Would cortisone shots help? (or is that only for active/forming acne?)

I hope the answer is not time...


(I posted this in "Red Marks" as well if you want to check for other responses)

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I hate to say it but time is what I use. I still have one last one, just under my lip barley noticeable now but it’s been 6 weeks. Fortunately mine is flesh colored now.

The only other thing i have tried that helped is a cortisone cream.

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Guest Fearless*Bunny

I let time heal mine. I have one near my jawline that's been there for about a month. 6 months does seem like a long time to have them though. If they really bother you them talk to your derm about it.

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I think your derm might be able to inject them with cortisone or just suck out the puss with an injection. That's what my derm did with one of my cysts, in about a week it became completely flat and invisible - it was really big btw.

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