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Cycle of breakouts

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I seem to have cycles of two weeks where I'll have almost perfect skin, and then two weeks of being moderately broken out. I've been using the regimine for over a year now, though i only apply a bp cream to breakouts in the morning (I think I am going to change this), and instead use J+J clean and clear acne cleanser which has 10% BP.

Its almost like I am having my period or something, but I am definatly a dude, so this is not possible (i don't think anyways;-) so if anyone has any ideas, lemme know...

Peace Ya'll

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There can be different concentrations of hormones at different times in males too...

Still i think you should follow the regime exactly if you want tangible results #-o

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i used to have the exact same problem you are talking about, after about 3-4 months on the regimen i was clear, and i would go 2-3 weeks with great skin, and then get a little breakout and have to go 1-2 weeks with a bad complexion.

at that point i was using strictly BP in my regimen, which i think is crucial in the early stages of the regimen. however, once i was clear, i added neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treatment into my regimen in the morning.

theres a lot about it in this thread:


anyway, what its done for me, is to "regulate" my skin. i get the stray pimple here and there, but for the most part, it truly has prevented new pimples from forming during the day. i still use BP at night to kill whatever may still be on my face, but the neutrogena multi-vitamin has really done wonders for keeping my face consistent. it really removes old red marks well too.

hope this helps, give the product a look, ill be glad to tell you how i incorporate it into my regimen if youre curious.


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