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(regimen question)can dead skin on the surface clog pores?

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i am on the regimen and notice that no matter how much i try there is a lot of dead skin that stays on the skin after washing....it comes off when i apply bp.i m afrais it enters my pores with the bp...is it true or is it just a wild imagination...

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Hey, Raj! Am I correct in assuming you are the person from India who could only find 5% BP? If so, your main problem could be that the BP is too strong for your face. However, the good news is that your face will eventually adjust to such high levels of BP...So, be patient. Make sure you are moisturizing like crazy & maybe cut down to applying BP only once a day until your skin can handle more. Also, even though Dan does not recommend it, you may want to exfoliate with a very light cleanser of some sort once or twice a week. I would not worry about the dead skin getting into your pores.

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Pores do not get "clogged" top down like that. It's a myth perpetuated by companies who sell products to "unclog" pores. When a comedo is formed, the entire follicle collapses on itself. It is not a top down scenario.

If you have been on the regimen for a few weeks, switch to an alpha hydroxy moisturizer to handle the flakes.


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thanks for the advice.......u guys r really kind...

does applying sa on bp reduces its effectiveness i mean i dont get irritated by using a sa moisturiser is it ok to carry on....

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