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Kracker please.............................................

Yeah so my red marks are severly depressing me now, and are causing other things to start depressing me.

My mom ordered a digital camera but I don't know where the fuck it's at so you all can't be blessed with my severly unattractive red mark filled grill piece. Actually, the red marks have been good in that I realized that I'm not ugly, the red marks just make me ugly, and if I didn't have them I could be outta sight.


I had some laser work done on my face roughly a month ago (don't remember what laser) and I had two sets of microdermabrasion and 2 sets of chemical peels also, and, well, my red marks have faded a little. Not what I was expecting in the least. My derm gave me some doxycyclin to help combat acne along with the Differin I'm taking and I have to say, my acne isn't bad now (fingers crossed don't jinx it). I would take the acne I have versus the red marks any day.

Sorry I'm rambling but I'm in a bad mood.

Anyway, I've been seriously considering just being like, fuck it and tanning for the rest of my life, really.

Has anyone had success with tanning a lot, then letting the tan fade away and having had their red marks fade during that whole tanning time? Prolly not...

I hate these marks they depress me so much, but I'm afraid that if I tan while on meds I'll get more red marks cuz that's what a lot of the ones I have now are from I'm pretty sure (definitely not from popping).

If Accutane cured red marks I'd take it, but I dont' wanna take it now cuz my acne isn't horrible and I don't want to have to wait like 6 months after tane to do peels and shit.

I'm thinking about giving my shit two more months (Doxy, Differin, peels, lasers, micro) before I call it quits and burn my skin into cancerous bliss.


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lol bro...

i quit using BP and harsh shit on my face. just keepin it simple with cleanse/tone/moisturize right now. nothin harsh.

also i finally cracked and couldnt handle how pale this cold weather has made my skin, showing every imperfection so i went tanning. We'll see how it goes...i hope that some minor tanning + my new regimen will clear me up for good.

im usin nivea doublewash face cleanser, DDF aloe toner (not sure about using this) and dove essentials daily face lotion...i have REALLY oily skin too. like REALLY OILY. it fuckin pisses me off.

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Dude what kind of laser did u have? how much did it help with redness?

I wanna say pulsed dye, and I don't think it helped at all, the micro and peels seem to have been the only thing helping, mainly micro. My red marks have improved maybe, 10%.

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Yup, if I didnt have my redmarks and fading acne then I would be back to my confident pimp state. now im trying to lay low, fucking hate the way I look, I dont look all blah, but cmon! I just want them to fucking go away and burn in hell. lol.

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This is my first post...and not sure what type of skin you have, but I tried the tanning thing thinking that would help. As it fades, my red marks are worse, and I also break out MORE when tanning. Most things I've read say that as well...tanning + acne skin = even worse skin, and no where to hide. :(

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Just to add my experiences on top of this.....it really is a double edged sword!

I tanned and my skin looked great...the redness of my marks just blended into the tan....great!!!!!

However I noticed that I began aging more rapidly and wrinkles began to appear (despite having a constant oil slick as skin)....still wrinkles in my opinion are better than red marks.....so I kept tanning.

Then someone very close to me who also tanned was diagonosed with Skin Cancer....that really brought it home....I hate the red marks but do I want to have half my nose cut off to remove cancer.....nope

Now my tan has faded and the red marks are just as noticable as before with no sign of going anywhere....my dr gave some topical zinc/alcohol combo which has done sweet fuck all..........Im 26 by the way....

Bottom line....tan if u want...it def helps...I never broke out from tanning and marks appeared almost non existent BUT....you run the risk of cancer and it def ages you like a mother fucker....

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