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Hi all!

First of all, great site Dan!

I live in the Netherlands, 21 years old and have acne for about 8 years now. Used to be severe for like 5 times total, but right now it's just moderate, and there are times when there are none of these bastards, just red dots (usually when I have been to Spain for a few weeks :-) My skin is flakey though since a year now. Dunno why, maybe part of the process ? :-s

I used the BP stuff 2 years ago but only for a few days (doh). Recently I started looking on the net, because this acne is limiting me somehow, I don't feel comfortable with girls and in public places (suppose it's just between my ears :)). I found this nice site and I am ultra-excited about all the results. Right now I am looking for the stuff to start Dan's regime. I got the 5% Benzoylperoxide Hydrogel (didn't find 2.5% here), which I got from my local pharmacy. I read somewhere that Clean&Clear moisturizer works ok, and it's available here in the Netherlands. The only question I couldn't find an answer to is:

Which cleanser is the best and is (widely) available in the Netherlands ?

Also, maybe I should change something about these things or is the rest OK ?

Thx alot for reading and replying!



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