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on the right side of my face near the jawline i have two bumps under the skin. they are semi-hard and round. are these cysts? and will the regimen eventually take care of this or is there some other method i should use?

thanks in advance :)

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I hate these type of spots, so much harder to deal with then pimples etc.

Well there are a few ways to deal with them, i recommend putting a larger amount of BP on them then the rest of your face (at night). They should then either dry up OR they will form into big fat pustules. If they form into pus bags, i would say squeeze them and then put on some BP. If you don't squeese them they can be there for months before they dry up.


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No problem.

It will probably take about 3 days before you find out whether they will form pustules or if they are going to dry up. You can never be sure though.

Good Luck! :evil:

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I had this white dot on the side of my nose, too. It was like a tiny white little dot that couldn't be squeezed. It was there for seriously six months, and then suddenly last month, it started getting harder and more raised, and I took the risk and tried squeezing it, and it popped right out. But, it left a scar...like a shallow scar from where the white dot used to be. I guess that's because it was there so long.

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The only topical thing I have used that cystic respond to, and even Dan says cystic acne will not be helped much by BP, is the topical Niacinimide Cream (or gel). It either bring them to the surface and you can gently pop them, or it dries the cystic acne up. You can get niacinimide gel on acnemiracle.org or I got mine through naturopathic prescription at Key Pharmacy in Kent, Wa. They have to have a prescription, I don't know why, as it is Vitamin B, but they can mail it to you for $2. Give it a try, it has proven me invaluable to have on hand.


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