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Does Alcohol Help Acne? [Poll]

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

I'd like to know the percentage of people who "believe that masturbation causes acne-and don't masturbate as a result".

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Alcohol reduces stress, that helps. Also I think some people will think you mean topical alcohol while others will think drinking alcohol.

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Guest Poker-Butt

u mean taken internally? ...dont think so

applied topically? not at all...if applied on ur poped zits..helps disinfect and clean up...if applied allover of course its not good...its over-drying

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alchohol overall makes acne worse, i got my first batch of pimple 2 months ago when i drank hard liquor.....

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This is probaly a nuts idea but think about this: alcohol is a natural anti-bacterial, yes? If it gets into your bloodstream, would it not kill some of the bacteria deep down in your skin which cause pimples?

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alchohol is the first source that your body uses as energy. that is because ur body doesn't have any place suitable to store alchohol. Most people get drunk and sleep while alchohol are still in ur body, the only way the body can get these alchohol out is through evouporation and through ur pores

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