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Acne is clearing, but the red scars take longer to disappear

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Hi all. I've been using Klear Skin Kit that resembles Proactive for about 3 weeks and a week ago I switched to the Clear Skin Regimen.

My acne has been clearing, and I've made progress in following aspects:

- My face is less oily.

- Skin looks level and smooth in general.

- No more big zits. Only small ones appear and go away quickly.

But the following problems remain:

- My face itches.

- Small zits spread and they cover wider area than before I started any treatment.

- When acnes go away, they leave red marks and they take much longer to disappear than before I started any treatment.

Can anybody explain these phenomena and present me a solution?


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btw, I'm using the following products:

Eucerin Pore Purifying Foaming Wash

Clear Skin Gel

Eucerin Skin Renewal

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Im sorry to say but you will just have to give it time and record your results

It does take a few months to see some really good result..

I recommend you take photos and monitor the results every week or so.

also I have a FREE REMOVE ACNE REPORT HERE which may be of some use to you.

Hope this helps.


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bp helps to reap ur skin of it's natural oils, making ur face dry. the natual oils have a regenerating effect. that's why (according to some health mag i found) people with really oily skin get less wrinkles when they get older. my mom is 47, and she has no wrinkles!

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